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“Fantastic” by adrialvarez

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

The place is very nice, open spaces, trendy and confortable. The menu is also very good, several different options to please most palates. I could not describe exactly the type of food in a way that would honor the place. I just know that I wanted to eat it all, found creative twists to traditional foods and new ideas.

The juices are very nice, coffee is very good. Services is also good. Worth your visit, for ticos and tourists alike.

Small nice restaurante in the heart of Escalante.

Delicious Coffee & Awesome service by Brad J

Two months travelling around Central America I still hadn't found a decent cup of coffee, until today.. Jess the Barista was a legend! Amazing coffee, super friendly and knowledgeable about the product they served. Specialty coffee served up here in a homely environment! Seriously check them out!

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